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July 19 2011


Fedora 15: Freedom, friends, future

“Jared Smith, Fedora Project leader, reviews some of the newest features and functionality of the newest member of the family, Fedora 15. From SystemD to BoxGrinder, to a new dynamic firewall, to improvements to enduser interfaces and device driver naming, there’s a lot to see.

Robyn Bergeron, an associate program manager at Red Hat, talks about BoxGrinder–a virtualized appliance creator–and a project from JBoss and one of the first JBoss technologies to make it into Fedora.

Paul Frields, former Fedora Project leader and current operations manager in platform engineering at Red Hat, reviews the new features and look and feel of Gnome 3, the popular desktop environment.”
(Video summary at YouTube.com/RedHatVideos)

June 22 2011



So mag ich das. Kompletter Bootvorgang in 84 sek. bis in den userspace.

[vinzv@calvin ~]$ systemd-analyze
Startup finished in 2930ms (kernel) + 24570ms (initrd) + 56447ms (userspace) = 83948ms

Hier noch das bootchart, in voller Größe nach dem Klick:

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