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July 20 2012


Delete the Save Button!

It’s 2012. Computers are smart enough to be able to figure out pretty much everything on their own—where you are, where your friends are, how long it will take for your chronically late pal to show up for your lunch appointment. So why, at this late date, do these otherwise hyperintelligent machines still need us to tell them to commit what’s on the screen to permanent storage? If my computer does not require hand-holding when it manages its memory and figures out daylight saving time and automatically reconnects to wireless networks, why does Word need me to press a button for it to understand that I really, truly do want to keep everything I’ve typed up to this point?

Farhad Manjoo in “Delete the Save Button

Und er hat Recht, der Farhad Manjoo. Niemand braucht einen extra Knopf um zu speichern. Ein Großteil der Anwender vergisst es eh laufend und dann ist das Geschrei wieder groß, wenn die Anwendung abraucht. Warum also nicht den Weg gehen, denn cloudbasierte Anwendungen schon lange beschreiten?

April 30 2011



Aber bitt’schön ned so…

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March 13 2010

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